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Access my biography and portfolio by clicking on my photo.  I am a
Caribbean/West Indian artist from The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago living
in the U.S.   I depict my Caribbean experiences,  my love for Orisa and my
research of the various cultures of the African Diaspora

My various interests and influences can be viewed in Four Corners of The
World.  I hope that this page will grow, as I grow, to reflect its true title
I created and registered OrinAyo Productions in Oakland, CA in 1993,
producing handbags and art made with gourds and calabashes.
I eventually included my paintings, drawings and illustrations under my
logo which included the caption, "Folklore Art  Culture Crafts"
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Evolving over time, OrinAyo Productions explored various artistic
expressions, through media and technology, to present interests and

Currently, I see value in depicting nature, especially human nature,
with the simple intent of celebrating the similarities and differences in
our lives
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